PROTEST AT POINT REYES LIGHT — Some 15 to 20 demonstrators showed up Monday morning to protest new publisher Robert Plotkin’s debasing the formerly all-West Marin-news community newspaper. (Photo by Scott Leslie)

In the year and a half since Plotkin bought The Light, the paper has dropped most coverage of West Marin’s local-government and school-board meetings while adding a smattering of news from Sonoma County, East Marin, and San Francisco.

Also offending numerous demonstrators was The Light’s new sensationalism, such as photos of a girl biting into the severed head of a goat on June 6, 2006 (666 supposedly being the symbol of Satan) and large, color photos of blood draining out of dying chickens that are hanging upside down with their throats slit.

The protest, which was organized by Elizabeth Whitney of Inverness, was called “Take Back The Light,” and some demonstrators brought copies of The Light to return.

Historian Dewey Livingston of Inverness (in cutoffs with back to camera), who has quit writing for The Light, arrived with a copy of The Light’s quarterly Coastal Traveler.

Noting that West Marin is already plagued by dangerous drivers, Livingston complained about the spring 2007 Traveler in which Plotkin advised motorists from out of town to “give your car an Italian tune-up. Take it up to the redline [the maximum revolutions per minute before the engine is damaged]. Compress the suspension. Northern California highways are better than any Austrian pass or German Autobahn.”

The same issue contained an enticing photo of a girl in a swimsuit wading out into Nicasio Reservoir, which is illegal in the drinking-water supply. The photographer was Plotkin.