The Western Weekend Livestock Show and Fair were held Saturday at the Dance Palace for the second year, having been held for more than half a century at the Red Barn (whose current owner has renamed it and repainted it green).


William Nunes’ four-year-old dry Holstein took first place in junior showmanship while Alyssa McClure’s heifer took second.

100_2213_1Thoroughly enjoying the livestock show were the dogs of Lisa Patsel, who owns Tree House bed-and-breakfast inn.

Because the number of ranches in West Marin has been steadily shrinking, the number of entries is now tiny compared with what it was back in the 1960s and 1970s.

Half a dozen cows were shown this year compared to 100 in 1962, but youths in the ranching families that still remain take the competition as seriously as ever.


4-H Club members recite the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H pledge at the beginning of Saturday’s livestock show.

100_2221Michelle McClure took first place in senior showmanship for Holstein cows, and Nathan Hemett took second.


Kelly Hinde of Sonoma County 4-H judges rabbits during the 4-H fair.

100_2230Freddie Genazzi’s red slider named Ozzie took first place in the turtle competition. Although his sister wasn’t present, her turtle, whom the judge dubbed Harriet, took second.


Judge Hinde inspects a pair of mice.

100_2253Judges Ellie Genazzi and Terry Gray compare notes during the Western Weekend Fair’s dog show.


Amelia McDonald’s dog Hamlet clears a hurdle in an obstacle course during the dog show.

dumpster2While the obstacle course confused all the dogs that went on it, this Dumpster behind the Dance Palace confused virtually all the humans who went to use it.