An exhibition of plein air paintings by Chileno Valley artist and rancher Sally Gale opened Saturday in the gallery of Toby’s Feed Barn. Showing along with Sally’s exhibit, which is titled Fall Views of Chileno Valley Ranch, are aerial images of Marin County landscapes by photographer Bill Dewey.


Sally (at right) talks with guests Norman Masonson and Larken Bradley at the opening reception. The painting in the center is titled Sally’s Dahlias.

100_0549.jpgSally Gale and her husband Mike live in this Victorian ranch house on Chileno Valley Road. The home, which had long been in Sally’s family, was decrepit to the point of being uninhabitable before Sally and Mike restored it during the 1990s.


All of Sally’s many works on display were painted in the immediate vicinity of their ranch house, her husband Mike (at center) points out. It’s worth noting, however, that in the immediate vicinity of the house are barns and other ranch buildings, along with corrals, pastures, orchards, a flower garden, stands of cypress trees, and a creek.


The Gales sell grass-fed (as opposed to feedlot) beef directly to families; there are no middlemen involved. On 600 acres, they graze approximately 100 cows with their calves, as well as raise sheep and poultry. They also grow a variety of organic apples. Here Karen Ward, a guest at the opening reception, admires a painting of the Gales’ barn.

The exhibition will continue at the galley in Point Reyes Station until Dec. 31.